Responsible developer

Crestyl’s business consists of much more than just building places to live and work. We imagine spaces for thriving, creating, and socializing. Thanks to our extensive experience and partnerships with leading architects and urban planners, we deliver healthy and socially responsible environments to our clients.

Every locale is subject to thorough analysis – economic feasibility, social and environmental impact, and the effect it will have on surrounding communities and neighbourhoods. As a result, our projects are a net benefit to the cities, municipalities and districts that we choose. Projects such as DOCK, Vysoký Újezd, and Hagibor are proof of that.

Crestyl Foundation

At Crestyl, we believe that corporate social responsibility is also responsibility to oneself. We live here, we do business here, and we raise our families here. It’s in our interest to do the right thing. Our CSR activities target the areas in which we build, with an emphasis on communities, groups and individuals already at a disadvantage

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Well aware of our responsibility as a developer to the construction industry, we are a member of the Czech Green Building Council (CzGBC).

We execute every project in adherence to strict rules, we use modern materials, and we minimize waste. We actively communicate with municipal governments with a view to creating a pleasant space for residents and visitors alike.

Leader in energy and environmental design

We do much more than build new buildings; we instill life into localities. We are well aware of the responsibility of the construction industry to the environment.

Our buildings regularly receive LEED certification as a testimony to being designed in consideration of energy efficiency, environmental protection, and quality of indoor spaces.

Leader in energy and environmental design