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The reservation of a property is agreed under a reservation agreement. A prospective buyer who is interested in a specific property, but is unable to sign a reservation agreement (due to financing considerations or other reasons), can apply for pre-reservation. Pre-reservation can be arranged for the maximum period of 10 days. Pre-reservation does not require the seller to block the pre-reserved property as in the case of actual reservation – see below for details. If another prospective buyer expresses serious interest in a pre-reserved property and is prepared to enter into a reservation agreement, the seller may sign a reservation agreement with such another buyer. Property reservation is a binding act that enters into effect upon the signature of a reservation agreement and the payment of a CZK 150,000 reservation fee. The reservation fee must be paid within five working days after the signature of the reservation agreement. The reservation fee is included in the price of the property. It is the first installment under the standard payment schedule that is a part of the agreement to agree on purchase agreement.


Visualizations and other images posted on our website and in other materials serve for illustrative purposes only. They may be modified, they are not binding, and they do not represent an offer or proposal to enter into a contractual arrangement.

Floor area

"The floor area of units is calculated in accordance with Section 3 of Government Regulation No. 366/2013 Coll. regulating certain matters relating to the co-ownership of dwellings. The floor area of a dwelling or non-residential premises comprises the floor area of all rooms in the dwelling/on the non-residential premises, including the floor area of all vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures inside the dwelling/non-residential premises, such as walls, columns, pillars, chimneys, and other vertical structures. The floor area is delimited by the inner edges of vertical structures that constitute boundaries between structures, including their surface, and the dwelling/non-residential premises. The floor area also includes areas covered by built-in furnishings, such as wall closets in dwellings/on non-residential premises, bathtubs, and other furnishings installed inside dwellings/non-residential premises. In the case of certain projects, the floor area of units does not include the area of utility shafts inside such units. Detailed information on the calculation of the floor area, including cases where exemptions apply, is provided in the contract documents for specific projects."

The floor area of individual rooms is approximate. Furnishings depicted in diagrams, such as furniture, kitchen unit, appliances, etc., are not part of the sold property. The standard furnishings supplied with the property are detailed in the specifications. The investor reserves the right to make minor modifications.


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